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About Us is a business blog where people who want to start-up a business or are already established business owners can find useful information, advices and tips for starting, running and growing their business.

Weekly, on our site are posted original stories and articles that provide quality information and insightful tips on how to improve your business.

Since 2012 this site has helped many individuals in their quests for business ownership and self-employment. was founded by Claudia Chiperescu. She is an entrepreneur and author, owner of a successful business consulting company. She lives in Romania, with her husband and 1 son.


Chiperescu Claudia | Founding Editor |

Writer, internet marketer and entrepreneur. She loves animals and owns a cat named Maw.


Jeanette Beauregard

Love Books, funny characters, pictures from around the world and company of friends.

Patsy C. Taylor

Business blogger, entrepreneur, journalist, writer, happily married to the man of my dreams!

Caleb Jones

Evil music practitioner. Webaholic. Freelance entrepreneur. Wannabe thinker. Extreme reader.

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