Getting Started

One of the truest maxims is “perception is reality”. Ever since the market has existed, people have always trusted giant names and brands because they have this perception that they provide greater value and services than smaller ones. However, even the smallest of companies and firms can instill trust and loyalty in consumers by simply making some tactical changes.

The following are some of the ways on how a small business owner can create a big impression among their target customers:

Give the Site a Makeover

The website represents a business and gives it a good impression among customers. Thus, if you would like to make your small business bigger, it is important that you focus on improving and developing your website. In short, you have to make it the best that it can be. Make sure it is up to date and comes with the necessary tools that will pave the way for visitors to experience easy navigability.  However, make sure that it looks neat, clean and organized and put some podcasts, videos and high quality content. Did you know that content is king? It has several benefits such as helping customers develop a strong relationship with your business, boosting your rank in search engine results and positioning your business as an expert in the industry.

Build Social Presence

Social media sites will also pave the way for your small business to be perceived as big by your target customers. If your business page is active on social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, your visibility will tend to increase. Also, social networking’s conversational nature will help you establish rapport with your customers.

Make Use of VoIP

Even in this era of online chats and email, most customers still desire to talk to a real human being. However, a landline cannot keep up with the modern business’ demands. Therefore, it is a wise idea to use a VoIP phone service as it offers myriad of benefits such as significant cost savings, call queues, virtual receptionists, ad conference calling among others.

There are several tools such as Grasshopper that helps small business owners and entrepreneurs to make virtual phone systems for very low prices. These systems enable you to add several departments, make automated messages and do other things. When customers call the business, they picture a big office with several employees working at it.

Set Up a Corporate Email Address

Handling out business cards is already an obsolete way of marketing the business. Setting up a corporate email address is not just affordable and easy, but also shows that you take the business seriously.

Get the Business’ Name in the Press

One of the best ways to create quick credibility for the business is to use media coverage. If you have a product-oriented business, it is important to send samples to famous websites and magazines. In doing so, there is no longer need to deal for you with a press release firm or independent publicists.

The press does not really care how big your business is, what they care about the most is how pertinent the story of your business is to their readers. Websites such as Mashable, TechCrunch and other outlets feature businesses all the time, so you can give them a try.


Huge businesses know so well the procedure of boosting their company. However, they concentrate more on the marketing aspect. Here are three main strategies that you should use in order to ascertain your small business’ success:

  • Focus on sales
  • Brand to target customers
  • Market to target customers

Huge businesses have repeat clients that come to them every day. The reason behind this is that they have done a good job of branding and marketing their business to their target audience. From there, customers just knock on their door and it is easy to sell.

Office Address

It is common for most people to see if a certain business has a local business address. By having an office address, it means that there is an established business that comes with a team of workers working there. However, it is easy to give customers that impression without actually doing it. Today, you can buy virtual offices without spending a high amount of money. Make sure that the address is stuck into Yelp, Google Places, your site’s contact page and anywhere else. With a virtual office, customers will feel more confident and comfortable in doing business with you because they know that your business exists.

These are just some of the most effective ways on how to make your small business look bigger. By following them, you can have a chance to give your target customers a perception that your business is big, trustworthy and reliable. Why don’t you make the right move now?